Short skirt is protected in Kyoto,,beware Peeping Tom/Pervert/Bloggers!!

Don’t you feel cold? That was the question I wanted to ask to a school girl wearing extremely short skirt in freezing cold December. She looked just fine and got a warm smile on her face. Never once she touched her feet nor making “shhh” sound of feeling cold. 
She is not the only one. She just represents short skirt trend in Japan. All school girls wearing short skirts regardless the weather. If women can stand the pain of waxing, the school girls feel happy to wear short skirt in winter. Like beauty, fashion is painful. Some women like wearing school-type short skirts too in Japan. I swear to God they left school for ages! Short skirt is a fashion statement, a never-get-old trend in Japan. 
Don’t they get afraid of peeping tom or perverts trying to snapshot what’s left hidden under their short skirts? They may not but city office may.
As summer is approaching fast, tourists fly to many part of Japan for holiday, Kyoto is now trying to protect “their girls” from “upskirt” photography. 
The Japan Time today highlighted Kyoto new law puts “upskirt” photography in focus, imposing penalty for illicit snaps upped to ¥ 1 million fine or a year in prison (source: Eric Johnston, staff writer, the japan times). 
I doubt this law will ever protect school girls from upskirt photography but it worths the shot. As a foreigner living in Japan, I admire Kyoto’s attention to its girls. Instead of blaming the girls for wearing short skirts, banning their fashion statement from Kyoto’s soil, the city protects them, giving the sign “don’t worry baby girl, daddy will always be here to protect you”. 
I googled “short skirt in Japan” before writing this. The first to come up was youtube videos, then an article with a lot of pictures of girls (or women) wearing short skirts in Japan. I’m not interested in first two youtube videos but one blog really disturbs me. Is the blogger a peeping tom, a pervert? Hmm I’m not sure but this blogger is interested in short skirt and boobies for sure. It’s so obvious from his blog! Peeping Tom? Well, he’s apparently snapshotted those short skirts and boobies from 50m away or even closer. If he is a Japanese those girls would have known, it’s their skirts (and boobies) were taken pictures of. Oh, by the way in Japan all mobile phones make a big sound while taking picture. There’s no way people won’t know someone is taking picture of them. 
So peeping tom, pervert, blogger, while you conjuring up Japan short skirt fashion trend in your sleep on board to Kyoto, promising friends at home you’ll show short skirt pictures, remember there’s a strict law on “upskirt” photography. You never know what qualifies as “upskirt” photography in Japan. Is it under the skirt or simply from 50m away? 
Thanks for reading. Sorry no picture this time. 

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