Hello Blogging World

I’m a blogger newbie!

“Keep in touch” said friends when I settled in Tokyo, Japan. Losing contact with friends is one of the painful experience of living abroad. I gotta find a better way to update friends on how I’ve been doing in Japan. Whatsapp and BBM do not seem an effective means to tell a lot of stories about my new adopted home, Tokyo. After researching here an there, I finally decided to have a blog. So, I gathered my nerve and started this blog to tell story about Tokyo and Japan.

The biggest turning point of my life was leaving my career in a reputable regional organisation which in the end led me to the love of my life. So here I am in Japan, jobless, riding bicycle at day time, sipping ice coffee at the corner, trying to learn photography and of course learning how to blog. I`ll be uploading a lot of pictures as soon as I get familiar with blogging.

Thank you for reading a blogger newbie.


Good night.

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