Feria de Sevilla: Pictures Collection (2)

Last week was the best week we ever had in Seville. It was the first time we experienced the famous Feria de Sevilla. The week started with a parade of horse carriages. It was not just a parade but a show that Sevillanos were proud about. Then the Seville fair started at midnight when the Ferial de Seville gate was lit up.

During the Seville Fair week, we were able to see so many ladies, regardless the age, wearing flamenca dress with colourful flower ornament adorned their hair and gorgeous scarf on their shoulder. People riding horses in their traditional attire passing by the street, the horse carriages too looked so different than ordinary day. It was a very special week.

I joined the celebration by wearing a flamenca dress which I bought from a store in Triana. Finding a flamenca dress was not as easy as buying ordinary dress. First of all it’s expensive, the price ranged from 250 euro to over 700 euro. Choosing the pattern too was a headache. There were so many designs, patterns and materials to choose from the shelf. In the end I chose a black flamenca dress so Hanna would look brighter on a picture. The price was not too bad either. I got it for 250 euro after discount. Hanna’s flamenca dress was much easier to choose. Anything an infant wears will look good because their cuteness is everything.

We went (again) to Feria de Sevilla on the last day. This time we chose to come a little bit earlier than the last time to avoid the crowd and the loud music. We were lucky enough to be invited by our local friend to a private caseta and spend quality time chatting.

The air was still thick with celebration spirit. People were still in their gorgeous dress.

The local going to private pavilion (caseta) always dressed up nicely. A mother and daughter matched flamenca dress colour. This time I did not want match with Hanna just yet for pictures taking purpose. When she starts walking we will do the colour matching.


If you ask me when is the best time to visit Seville? The answer is definitely during the Feria de Seville, two weeks after Easter processions end.


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