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Hi Everyone,

Many said Thailand was not a safe place for tourist for the last few months. We were probably the strangest couple ever for wanting to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Thailand when the country was under military coup. There was also curfew when we were there. Thailand is not a stranger to us as we visited Bangkok and other cities in Thailand many times when we were single, long before we met each other.

We always know this country is a tourist friendly place at any time of the year given any circumstances. We didn’t stress ourselves out with any itinerary. In fact we didn’t have any itinerary at all, skipped temples, floating markets and many other tourist spots. We went to movie, having coffee and chatted like we were still dating, instead.

For three days in Bangkok, we ate, ate and ate local food and tropical fruits. We really spoiled ourselves with food and of course massages. Baan Khanitha restaurant in South Sathorn is a must-go while in Bangkok.

These are some authentic foods in Baan Khanitha

Papaya salad, fresh and a bit spicy

Deep fried duck breast with chili sauce

A very famous Tom Yam Goong, so delicious

Deep fried fish cake eaten with sweet sauce and pickle

Mango with sticky rice which we bought from supermarket.

Durian, king of fruit. Well, many foreigners don’t like the smell and the texture. Some of my friends say it is a rotten fruit. I simply love it and can eat a lot portion of it.

We went to China Town to get glimpse of street foods. It was not as crowded as usual.

It’s China Town of course they have pork.

Fresh lychee for 100 Thai Baht only. I wish the price is the same as those in Japan 

This durian will only be opened once purchased by customers to maintain its freshness.

Fresh coconut is a must in Thailand, only 50 baht. It’s very good for blood circulation.

This white thing will be mixed with ginger drink.

These are foods we took in Taling Pling restaurant at Central World mall. Good taste at reasonable price.

Mango ice blend, the right drink in hot weather.

I love this sauce so much, best eaten with fried rice or spring roll. It is not as spicy as it looks as long as you don’t bite the chili hahaha…..

Instead of going to temples we chose to cruise Chao Praya river. This boat was ours for one hour at 1,000 Thai baht or $30. 

There’s a boat selling many things. We bought durian and mangosteen for 300 baht.

Seafood restaurant, sadly only opens in the evening time.

….and finally cruise ended with a happy smile on my face (before I looked at my hair). Oh, I don’t know whose hand was that.

Thanks for reading.

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