A Day Trip to Nagasaki

Mima Isono

Mima Isono

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4 Responses

  1. Eden says:

    Beautiful photos, I have family in Nagasaki but have never been. I’d love to visit someday 🙂


    • Mima Isono Mima Isono says:

      One of the tourist spots, Glover House is now World Heritage Site, Eden. You have one more reason to visit Nagasaki now.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I love Nagasaki. I’ve been there a few times – always in the middle of summer when it is crazy hot and, with all those hills! At least I feel like I can eat what I like because I’m exercising so much.

    I’ve never bought castella because there are so many shops giving out free samples on the way to the Glover House 🙂

    • Mima Isono Mima Isono says:

      I’m glad you enjoy your time in Nagasaki, Kathryn. It’s a nice city. The Glover House is now listed as World Heritage Site.
      We felt in love with castella the moment we tasted 1st sample and kept eating it for the rest of the week hahahaha.

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