Ameya-Yokocho, Tokyo Asia Market

Finding groceries can be a bit tricky for asian living abroad. Although supermarkets are everywhere in Tokyo, specific groceries like herbs and spices is a bit of a challenge to find. The first months we settled in Tokyo, we cooked our food without shallot, chili and lemon grass. Our curry didn’t smell as nice as normal standard.

After searching here and there, we found Ameya-Yokocho Asia Market in Ueno where chili, lemon grass, kaffir lime leafs are sold in its wet market. Finding the wet market is a bit difficult for the first timer. It is located in the basement of Ameyoko center building. Here we can buy many types of cooking sauces too, from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

Ameya-Yokocho late afternoon is always crowded with people shopping for snacks, sweets, fruits, cheap shirts and small souvenirs. There are quite number of small restaurants too within this area.

Open air market looks like this:

Wet market sells fishes, meat (mostly pork) and vegetables.

This looks like fresh water turtles. I’m not sure if selling it is legal or illegal.

Something I can’t live without: chili.

These bananas usually used for ‘fried banana’ and not for eating raw.

They even sell banana leafs. I’m sure this is Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino favourite store.

Yeahh, all sorts of Indonesian’s cooking sauces and also famous syrup ‘Marjan’.

I bet this one is Thai’s favourite store…and probably Laotian. Look at those beers.

I was so happy for finding black sesame ice cream after groceries shopping.

To reach Ameya-Yokocho take Yamanote line from Tokyo station and stop at Ueno station.

Thank you for reading.

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