Strong Reasons for Traveling Abroad Alone for Ladies in Their 20s

Traveling Abroad Alone for Ladies in Their 20s
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain 

Many years ago, traveling abroad belonged to those with thick pocket or have the nerve to pack their life in a backpack to explore the world. Things change now. Flight tickets and hotels become more and more affordable. People start traveling in their young age, be it with family, couple, friends or even alone.I always a big fan of traveling abroad. It’s not that I’ve been around the world that much but still I traveled quite often in my 20s (15 countries). I was quite disappointed after talking with some young girls (in their mid 20s) who think traveling alone is only for a miserable lonely person. It’s quite shocking to hear in this digital era. Little they know traveling abroad alone can be fun as much as it is with friends.

Here are what I think why young people should travel abroad alone at least once before hitting 30s:

1. Discovering new places also mean discovering yourself 

Do you really know yourself? Are you sure what you know of yourself does not reflect what your besties see in you? We love our friends of course but sometimes we need to free ourselves from all those comments (“you look best in black than in white”, “nude is your color”, “wow, you eat a lot today”,,,bla, bla, bla). Traveling alone will free yourself from what people think about you and discover your inner self. Plus the only person you need to please is “you”. You will also be surprised with the energy inside you which you never known of before.

2. Leaving your “safe habour” 

It’s always nice living in our comfort zone, be surrounding by people we know of and get in touch with things we are comfortable with the most. But what is life without any challenge. When traveling abroad alone, you will encounter many things that you are not even sure it is good for you or not. Yet, you challenge your insecurity to do things you never do before. You will tell yourself “let’s do it”, “I want it” even it means proving that you are wrong. You will no longer be afraid of making mistake, have the humility to admit that you are wrong and be more open minded after traveling alone.

3. Broaden you knowledge

There is nothing like experiencing new culture. Be it food, drink and language that makes you lost in translation. You will find out that it is common to make sound while eating ramen in Japan, you must force your way to get into train in Beijing else you can’t never get in, punctuality is not exist (or nearly extinct) in Indonesia and many things in different countries will surprise you. The good thing from all of these is you will adjust well just to survive abroad.

4. Learn to live just for the days 

You will not carry everything inside your wardrobe while traveling. Your life will be limited to 20 to 23kg of baggage weight for a week or even two. Travel teaches you less is more and  live with things that you only need the most. This means: a pair of jeans, trouser, short, light sweater, a pair of flat, running shoes, favourite toiletries, four tops and two dresses, underwear, basic cosmetics and necessary medicine. Surprisingly, it’s always enough for you when traveling. You will have different perspective about shopping once coming back home.

5. Live for the Moment and be more Grateful of Life 

Career life in your can be frustrating sometimes. It’s like a never ending race where everybody else moving in faster speed. You often tell yourself before retire to bed “tomorrow will be a better day” even it means longer working hours just to get promotion or a better job or compete with rather smarter colleague. Traveling alone allow you to take a distance from this type of life. Live with your own rhythm,  appreciate the moment and be grateful of every single thing you have. You will have quite moments where you think of nothing but admiring the beautiful scenery before your eyes. A quite moment is a reminder that a grateful heart lives abundance life.

6. You look independent, fun to hang out with and sexy

When you have the nerve to explore foreign country by yourself, lost in unknown places just to find new things and still manage to put that smile while taking a selfie, Girl, you look so adorable. You will be so proud to upload the picture on any social media. Admit it.
So, pack your bag, leave those worries behind and start traveling alone in your 20s. You look so cute in short or super mini skirt while you are 20s. You will adore that picture ten or fifteen years later.
Thank you for reading.

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