Your Shopping Experience Starts from Tokyo Station

Kitkat Chocolatory Tokyo Station

What would you do if you only have few more hours before depart to Narita or Haneda airport? Will you spend the last hours in Tokyo for pictures taking or spending last yen you have in your pocket? I am more on the second option: spending the last yen without getting panic about heading to the airport.

Tokyo station is not only intercity railway station but it is also a shopping arcade. You can find many things inside the station from restaurants, clothes, shoes, souvenirs and KitKat counter.

In winter time, KitKat counter offers seasonal chocolate such as chili, dark chocolate, cheese and mactha (green tea). It is worth bringing back to your home country. Because of limited stock, one can only purchase three KitKat in a day. The KitKat price is slightly more expensive than those in supermarket. KitKat counter is located in Daimaru department store.

Kitkat Chocolatory Tokyo Station
Kitkat Chocolatory Tokyo Station

Pokemon,  Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Tomica, Lego, Tamagotchi and the shops list gets longer at characters street of Tokyo station.

Pokemon Store Tokyo Station
Hello Kitty Shop Tokyo Station
Tomica Shop Tokyo Station
Lego Shop Tokyo Station

If you are into NHK cartoon, come inside the store to get your favourite character(s). They are not selling all characters though.

NHK Character Shop Tokyo Station

My favourite shop: Snoopy

Snoopy Shop Tokyo Station
Rirakkuma Store Tokyo Station

This looks like Sailormoon but it is Pretty Cure character, also animation.

Tokyo Station Shops

If “no pet” allowed in your apartment, well why not get Tamagotchi, electronic pet that can enter not only into your apartment but also your pocket or bag.

Tokyo Station Shops

Glico store selling pocky, pretzel and other small bites.

Tokyo Station Shops

Character street of Tokyo station looks like this

Tokyo Station Shops

Cafe selling Japanese sweets inside the station

Tokyo Station Restaurants

Tokyo Station Restaurants

Asics is famous Japan shoes brand

Asics Store Tokyo Station

Follow this sign to your shopping experience.

Tokyo Station Shopping Zone

Things You Need to Know

  • Store inside Tokyo station opens from 10am to 8pm everyday
  • Some cafes and restaurant opens as early as 8am until 10pm
  • Tokyo station itself opens from 0440am to 0130am (train operating time)

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